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Our Copenhagen based team strive to create new solutions for companies, organizations and artists. With the XR (extended reality) technology of virtual, augmented and mixed reality, we create innovative content, that provides the audience or users immersive experiences which are stimulating, engaging and memorable. 

We aim to be the partner that understands your needs from a perspective that enforces creative and diverse thinking, to reach results that are tailored to your future today.


Trida Media  produces content for immersive technologies such as Augumented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR). The company aims to provide high quality content for the ever expanding medium bringing the future closer to the present enabling new opportunities today.

We can help you from the early stages of idea development through concept, prototype and final product delivery. We will help determine which technology suits your idea best, to provide the best experience and impact possible. Whether it be scanning ancient artifacts into 3D models displayed in AR. Production of 360° video capturing the entire environment. Or a fully immersive and interactive story-driven VR experience.

 We are ready to help you realize your ideas. 

Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality is a technology,
where you are seperated from the real world with a head mounted display and present in a simulated virtual environment.

360° video

360° ?

360° video & Audio is recorded with special cameras which captures the entire enviroment. We can display this in VR and it will feel like you are there!


Augmented Reality


AR is a technology where
content is placed on top of the real world. Through a phone or a head mounted display.

XR Consulting


XR is an umbrella term for AR, VR and MR. We provide consulting on development and implementation strategy within these technologies.


VR Exposure Therapy

Exposure therapy is about adjusting to situations which normally induce fear or anxiety. With the use of VR Exposure Therapy (VRET), healthcare professionals have the ability to train the situations and develop coping strategies with the patient using VR which simulates the situation in a safe environment.

Trida Media has been involved in several VRET productions creating real life scenarios captured in 360° video used in exposure therapy for treatment of young and adults with phobias and anxiety. 

VR Presentation Training

When you are giving a presentation it can be difficult to imagine the audience in front of you, you might even be a bit stage fright. This project aims to reduce this form of anxiety with tailored VR experiences of various sizes of audiences and locations.

EPO specializes in training and developing employee’s skills in communication and presentation techniques. Therefore they recently added VR to their portfolio as an extra tool to help customers visualize the audience in the presentation training. Trida Media helped them realize this by creating 360° Video content and producing the live footage for the launch video. 

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