Trida Media

We are a new company, made of people with a flair for innovation, design and storytelling. A common passion for art, filmography and new technologies drive us to work with virtual, augmented and mixed reality. In the pursuit of content creation and creative concepts.

Our business process is to find places in which we can utilize our competences and vision. Where it shines, delivering enhanced consumer-product relationships and the promotional value of VR, AR and MR.

Our mission is to facilitate the unexplored potential of interactive technologies. Moreover to raise the bar of digital user experiences and media content.

Create. Inspire. Innovate.

Our philosophy

Technologies such as VR and AR, should not replace our reality but extend and enhance it to improve our understanding, empathy and motivation.

Our Team

Rico Nielsen

Founder & Software Engineer

Theis Berthelsen

Founder & XR Developer

Simone Vinkel

Audio Specialist & VR developer

Ole Behnam

Marketing & Sales Manager

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