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Immersive Tech in Tourism

In 2019, more than 50% downloaded travel apps to book flights and hotel rooms. Meanwhile m-commerce is expected to account for more than half of e-commerce by 2021.

These are some of the reasons why 92% of travel brands claim that a mobile strategy is crucial for future success.

We aim to bring new initiatives and develop more engaging content to help boost tourism through the innovation and implementation of the immersive technologies.

Our current solutions

360° Tours

Capturing attractive locations in 360° video allows tourists to experience the possibilities  through VR and AR solutions in a fun and intriguing way, before they book their trip. Providing clients with virtual tours of destinations, excursions and hotels can help boost sales further and faster.

See our 360° showreel here.

AR Teleportation Application

With an Augmented Reality portal, tourists can gain a more accessible and highly engaging way of visiting attractive destinations, right from their smartphone or tablet. This solution allows users to enter their location of interest from an app, and explore the available offers without having to contact the travel brand first, or owning a VR headset. Around tourist attractions, AR apps can be used to enhance storytelling and increase engagement levels.

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