Virtual Reality for Presentation Training


The Project

When you are giving a presentation it can be difficult to imagine the audience in front of you, you might even be a bit stage fright. This project aims to reduce this form of anxiety with tailored VR experiences of various sizes of audiences and locations.

360-degree cameras were placed at meeting rooms and auditoriums to capture the environment of a presentaion. The locations were populated with audiences looking towards the speaker i.e. the 360° camera. This recreated the scenario of a presentation taking place.

The recordings were stitched and edited to be loopable, so they were adaptable in length, making them a flexible solution for any speech length. 

Users of the project will be able to train their presentations, in a safe controlled environment, before the big day arrives where it really matters to be on point in front of a live audience. 

The project was designed and launched on the Oculus Go headsets. This provides the most immersive experience while maintaining easy setup and portability for optimal training purposes anywhere any time.  

If you are interested, the solution is available at EPO

  • We are extremely pleased with the extraordinary combination of technical insight and aesthetic sense, Trida Media has performed during our collaboration. We will undoubtedly use them for future projects.

    Kenn L. Hansen


The project was a joined effort of Konfront, EPO and Trida Media.

  • Epo specializes in training and developing employees skills in communication and presentation techniques. This VR solution provides an extra tool to help customers visualize the audience in front of them in their training of presentations.
  • Konfront are experts in VR exposure therapy whose expertise brings the project together to help EPOs clients find coping strategies for reducing anxiety and stage fright.
  • Trida Media helped realize their idea by creating 360-degree video content optimized for VR and producing the launch video for their joint venture.

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