Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy


What is VRET?

VRET is short for Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy and is a tool for professionals to help treat patients with anxiety and phobias. As a contrast to conventional exposure therapy, VRET can provide a safer controlled environment for patients while exposing them to their fears

The Project

Trida Media has been involved in several VRET productions, creating scenarios captured in 360-degree videos, used in exposure therapy for treatment of young and adults with anxiety.

One of these productions was in a collaboration with Konfront, whom wanted prototype scenarios for their upcoming platform. We helped test and determine the right implementation of 360° video for a successful VRET solution such as the Konfront platform. 

The scenarios are created with the mindset of having levels. The user gradually move forward towards the most anxiety provoking scenario in short sessions, while developing coping strategies with the professional at their own pace.

If you want to learn more about Konfront and their VRET solution we highly recommend visiting their site. 

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